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She moans, he screams, the vibrator grinds making the shocks in his ass. I could feel another orgasm approaching. No time in cutting off her clothes, spanks her ass and then demands he pleases her before she milks him and flogs the tip of sensitive cock. This site is that it is all that rings in my ears. Mya takes the dick to the balls on The Madelyn - and that's just the first in a series of public shoots all done on location in Madeleine.

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This trainee simply was not ready for the rigors of a week long training program, and here you can see the results. After being driven through a very tough workout by two demonic trainers, Devi is taken to the basement where her defenses are stripped away and her pain tolerance is tested. This is the scene that takes her over the edge of endurance and brings this training session to a close.

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I want to make it up to him and just endure it, but the pain is too great. I start to relax, feeling his control over me. And balls like a cat plays with a mouse - batting, slapping and smacking as he cries like a bitch. Jennifer goes for the win because she truly enjoys fucking the losers and putting them in their place. Jennifer uses Gina as a human ashtray flicking ashes into his mouth.

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